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Refund Policy

  1. Once transaction gets successful on Rajasthan Payment Platform (RPP), same will be updated to the respective merchant department (End-User department consuming services of RPP). Decision on refunds will be solely taken by the respective merchant department only.
  2. The fees once paid will not be refunded for transactions which are successfully submitted or for successful bill payment services to the respective merchant department.
  3. The amount paid for successful transactions may be settled with the respective departments.
  4. User need to connect to the concerned Merchant-Department to take any refund, if required.
  5. User is bind by the refund policy of merchant department against any successful transaction.
  6. Refunds will be returned using the original method of payment – for example if a donation has been made by credit card, the refund will be credited by same mode of Channel to same credit card by the Merchant Department and this goes for all Pay Modes from which the customer will make the Payment.
  7. RPP cannot initiate any refunds on its own. Merchant department will initiate refund to the user, if required so, as per their refund policy.
  8. If any Convenience fees is paid by consumer on payment gateway, then it’s the sole discretion of concerned Payment Gateway to return back the convenience fees part to the consumer during refund of transaction. Rajasthan Payment Platform or all departments using services under RPP are not liable to pay convenience fees charged.
  9. The loss on this account shall not be borne either by Government or by the Banks / Payment Gateways.
  10. Apart from the fee chargeable to Government against each service, bank / payment gateway transaction charges will be applicable extra. Automatic refund by respective payment gateway will be made for transactions which are not successful.